TR&P Podcast Vol. 6 - Local Mix #1

Featuring: "Spanish Fly" by The Living Breathing, "Poontwang" by Grave Danger, "Battle Cry" by Last Laugh and "Run" by Gaza Strip.

Local Mix #1
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TR&P Podcast
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David Clark
Last Call Brawlers
Welcome to another Tucson Records & Productions Podcast. We are now upgraded with better software and hardware, so you can be expecting a lot more of these free downloads to come.  

In this episode, we feature two songs from the Last Call Brawlers with David Clark on Saxophone. These songs are from a live album (End of an Era, Live! L.C.B. Los Muertos Records 2006) and were recorded at Vaudeville Cabaret by the one and only Bruce Momich.  

The crowd energy was intense that night, as you can hear in the mix. The first song is a Last Call Brawlers original "How Blue" and the second is a Sparkletones cover "Rocket". The full album is available for download by clicking the album cover below.

Have Mandolin, Will Travel.
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Justin Valdez Podcast Vol. #3 "Have Mandolin, Will Travel"

Mandolin, Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar and Keyboard by Justin Valdez

Written By Justin Valdez

Here is a song I wrote and recorded in my living room awhile back. I was going through some old MP3 files and decided to share.  

One day I went to the Folk Shop here in Tucson with the intention of leaving with either a Banjo or a Mandolin. After playing one of each (hours can go by in that store if you're not careful), I left with a Mandolin. Nothing special, just a Mandolin that was cheap enough to try out to see if I like it, and nice enough where it is playable and sounds good. When I got home I looked up Mandolin chords online. At first it seemed like a whole new world, where anything I had ever learned about making music on a guitar went right out the window and I had to start fresh. Then something amazing happened; I realized Mandolin chords are just like Guitar chords, only upside down and backwards. Makes sense right? After that, I was playing it like a Guitar, but upside down and backwards. The result: Have Mandolin, Will Travel.


Justin Valdez

TR&P is still having audio issues. This should be fixed in a few weeks. Until then, these Podcasts will have no introductions, just text and MP3.  
Southwestern Spaghetti Western in Am
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Justin Valdez Podcast VOL#2
Written and performed by Justin Valdez.

Here is a little song I wrote and recorded at home.  A very rough mix idea of a new song.  Usually when I write a song, I record it and listen back dozens of times.  In this process I am trying to build the best song possible, to my ears.  I will add and remove tracks, over dub with various instruments and sounds until I find something unique.  Tell me what you think of this.  Right now it doesn't have a name, but I am open to suggestions.

Thanks for listening!
Justin Valdez
*Due to technical issues, there will be no introduction to this song.* 
 Justin Valdez
Podcast Vol. #1
 Southwestern Folklore
Featuring the songs
 "La Llorona" & "18, Eighteen Wheelers'"

Free download or stream!

Justin Valdez Podcast Vol#1 Click Here!
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Tune in as Justin introduces two of his songs and talks a little about the whole experience.

Justin Valdez: Guitar & Vocals
Eric Eulogy: Up-Right Bass
Joel Dunst: Drums 

Background music by Justin Valdez

It is confirmed! In just a week and a half Tucson Records & Productions will have a brand new feature on our website.  PODCAST! That's right, each week music buff Eric Eulogy will broadcast from right here on the site.  Exact time and day are still in the works, but it is looking like it will air on Wednesday nights.  

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Last Call Brawlers Pod Cast Vol #1.  Two classic Rock-a-Billy cover songs recorded by LCB around the year 2001. Marty Muerto, Eric Eulogy, Justin Valdez and The Mighty Joel Ford.  The first sound is the Larry Collins song "Whistle Bait" and the second tune is the Curtis Gordon classic "Draggin."